The Beginning

December 29, 2019

I want to start doing some serious writing. I have begun finding my voice and now I want to hone it, and share it, with everyone. But I am no writer. I am likely the farthest thing from it. One of the reasons I took Computer Science in Uni was to avoid any further study of the English language.

Fast forward a couple of years. As I attempt to build myself a successful¹ business, I realize the importance of written communication. Not only for communicating with the market, but for your own internal messaging.

As I gain a greater appreciation for the art of writing, I realize have a lot of catching up to do about my writing ability. I neglected writing for years. I didn’t practice, I barley read and now I want to become a good writer. Which is why I titled this blog Attempts.. Not only will I be using this as a platform for my own writing exercise, but I currently treat most events of my life as recurring trials. So as I do more, as I practice being me more, I want to write about it. In the hopes that while I am growing and making mistakes, other people can experience those mistakes and grow with me.

I have a few passions at the moment (I say at the moment because these will most certainly evolve):

  1. Building
  2. Becoming a better manager in my day job as a Director of Software Development
  3. Becoming a better parent

I will bring my revelations, opinions, and struggles here for everyone to enjoy; As I learn and experience more about my passions. I am looking forward to posting more about my journey. Improving my writing. Building my business. All while hoping that it will inspire and assist others. Or at the very least provide some basic level of entertainment.

¹ I wanted to define “success”. When you read it in this article or any future article it should be framed as follows.

A successful business is one which supports the lifestyle of the creator while delivering value to others by fulfilling its original purpose.

It is a mouthful. And not very informative. But know for me success does not equate to being a billionaire or running a billion-dollar company.

Eric Adamski

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